Spool’s Out Radio #1: 9th April 2015

Thee SOR#1 Playlist:

1. Morning Levine by Saffron  — released by 1080p Collection
2. Redway (excerpt) by Bad Body  — released by Tombed Visions
3. Homonyms by Eartheater  — released by Hausu Mountain
4. Cannot Look by Teresa Winter  — released by Reckno
5. Lay By by Extnddntwrk  — released by Fort Evil Fruit
6. Heavy Door by Smiling Disease  — released by Memorials of Distinction
7. Larsen by Mark Dicker  — released by Bunkland
8. Sweet Surrender by Moon Diagrams  — released by Geographic North
9. Dekh Tamasha Dekh by Akhir Sheikh  — released by Pirate Modernity
10. #062214 by Takahiro Mukai  —  released by Paralaxe Editions
11. Sacrifice by Trupa Trupa  — released by Blue Tapes & X-Ray Records
12. Sleep. Dream. Wakeup. by Jeff Bridges  — released by Squarespace
13. The Ghost of Benno Ohnesorg, Part 2 by Art of the Memory Palace  — released by Static Caravan

Fellow tapeheads! Episode 1 of Spool’s Out Radio went down relatively smoothly over on Resonance 104.4fm, only a couple of teething problems with the presenter’s brain turning to mush (just to clarify the Hausu Mountain label is definitely not based in Atlanta, Georgia – they call none other than the windy city of Chicago their home).

As always, please tweet @tristan_bath or email spoolsoutradio@gmail.com if you got summink you wanna tell me. Speeek sün!


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