Spool’s Out Radio #2: 23rd April 2015

Thy SOR#2 Playliste:

1. Circle One (excerpt) by Elektro Guzzi  — released by The Tapeworm
2. Eskimo by Empty Taxi  — released by the artist herself
3. [Unknown title] by Kassahun  — released by Suplex Cassettes for CSD 2014
4. El Chico by Boxhead Ensemble  — released by Astral Spirits
5. Panania by Marcus Whale & Tom Smith  — released by A Guide to Saints
6. Days of Ancients (excerpt) by Knives  — released by stars, dots, and the “new” junk
7. Tape Improvisation from Bratislava pt. 1 by Lenhart Tapes  — released via Bandcamp
8. The Trick is to Breathe by The Duke of Zuke  — released by Tombed Visions
9. The Lovers by Lost Harbours  — released by Cruel Nature Records
10. Fun by People Like Us  —  originally 2000, re-released on cassette tape in 2015
11. Rebellion of Lies by Thurston Moore  — released by Blank Editions
12. Presence (In Close Focus) by Bracken — released by BARO
13. Plans and Maps by Television Set  — released by The Tapeworm

Lords of analogue formats rejoice! Episode 2 of Spool’s Out Radio was a rambling messy rumble through some truly nuts music, firing up the ol’ dusty tape deck at Resonance 104.4fm. We’re hoping to podcast this, and make that a regular thing, so please keep your eyes peeled for further news and info regarding where it lies in the iTunes store (or wherever).

You can read an interview I did with Empty Taxi over at TheQuietus.com

Go ahead and tweet me @tristan_bath or email spoolsoutradio@gmail.com if you have questions, or something you wanna tell me about. Enjoy!


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