Spool’s Out Radio #3: J&C Tapes

SOR Vol III Game of Play:

1. Pathway to Scraw by Wizards Tell Lies
2. From Beyond Our Dark Cave by Yves Malone
3. Figure by Dino Spiluttini
4. Childlike by Wizard Of
5. Have U Seen the Man of Light!! by Signor Benedick the Moor
6. Maze of Maize by Swimming in Bengal
7. Ask the Custom by Final Cop
8. Severing Ties by Scammers
9. Braille – Future Mistakes by Nils Quak
10. World Report, Careless Whisper by Circuit Rider
11. Hand of Orion (A Second Sun) by Bird People
12. Body Markings by Rejections

— All of the above releases were put out on J&C Tapes

The hiss demons gathered for an evening of far-reaching jams. Episode 3 of Spool’s Out Radio on Resonance 104.4fm sped through a packed hour of cuts from the killer catalogue of Nottinghamshire-based cassette tape label, J&C Tapes (formerly known as Jehu & Chinaman).

Tweet me @tristan_bath or email spoolsoutradio@gmail.com to let me know your ills, and be sure to visit j-and-c.bandcamp.com and buy some tapes. ‘ALLELUJAH!


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