Spool’s Out Radio #4: 18th May 2015

Spool’s Out Radio S01E04 Plot Summary:

1. Begging Attire by Kid Millions  —  released by NNA Tapes
2. Darkness by mus.hiba  —  released by Orange Milk
3. Pop Tryouts (excerpt) by Daphne Oram  — released by Was ist Das?
4. Madras by Joshua Medina & Paurl Walsh  — released by Hanged Man Records
5. The Plague by Rand and Holland  — released by A Guide to Saints
6. Opening the Doors (excerpt) by Josh Millrod  — released by Seagrave
7. A Gift by Wei Zhongle  — released by NNA Tapes
8. Every Breath You Take (WE’ll be Watching You) by WE  — self-released
9. North London Shouting by Dale Cornish & Phil Julian  — released by The Tapeworm
10. Noviki by Broshuda  — released by Seagrave
11. Juanechoe y su planta magica by Diego Bodega  —  released by Was ist Das?
12. Blood Rituals by Maleficence  —  released by Blood Harvest

Episode four of Spool’s Out Radio on Resonance 104.4fm sped through 60 dense minutes of tracks culled from some of the greatest and latest cassette tapes releases.

Tweet me @tristan_bath or email spoolsoutradio@gmail.com to let me know your ills. TA!


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