Spool’s Out Radio #5: 25th May 2015

Spool’s Out Radio V:

1. Reverb City by Lasers from Atlantis  —  released by Extreme Ultimate
2. Battery Pack by Antony Milton  —  released by End of the Alphabet
3. Photon Smasher by Mischancerie  —  released by End of the Alphabet
4. [Unknown Title] by Racha Ensemble (from Oni, Georgia)  — released by Winebox Press
5. A 478 by Kara-Lis Coverdale  — released by Constellation Tatsu
6. I’m Planning for Doomsday by Vanishing  — released by Tesla Tapes
7. ISO 6346 by Maersk  — released by Sacred Tapes
8. Easy Opium by Ben von Wildenhaus  —  released by Psychick Mule
9. Malgastando Pubis by Rastrejo  —  released by Fort Evil Fruit
10. Nothing Ever by SSSS  —  released by Haunter Records
11. Flourescent by AL-90  —  released by Reckno
12. Necro Thrumm by Fairhorns  —  released by Kindarad

Episode five of Spool’s Out Radio on Resonance 104.4fm was again pre-recorded as the United Kingdom shut down for yet another bank holiday. Coming soon… LIVE SESSIONS FROM MUSICIANS!

Tweet me @tristan_bath or email spoolsoutradio@gmail.com to let me know your thoughts. TANX!

Also – set aside a moment to take in the sheer beauty that is the Kazbek box set built by Winebox Press…


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