Spool’s Out Radio #7: 8th June 2015

Spool’s Out Radio VII, Songs Used:

1. /​\​\​05 (side B excerpt) by Xth Reflection —  released by Aught
2. Sochi Girls by Holly Waxwing  —  released by Noumenal Loom
3. Jasper by Dodmen  —  to be released by Extreme Ultimate
4. Inta Light by MFAAH  — released by CACAO
5. Buried Out of Men’s Sight by An Trinse — released by An Trinse
6. Mysteria Mystica Maxima by H.U.M.  — released by bumtapes
7. Go (TCR Remix) by TCR / Micachu — released by Slip Imprint
8. Blind Willie Beyond Void by The Nag’s Head —  released by Kit Records
9. Medicine Bottle by Housewives —  released by Faux Discx
10. The Car by Deathcount in Silicone Valley  —  released by Extreme Ultimate
11. ROOTPRINCIPLE (side B extract) by SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL—  released by No Corner
12. Polynomial by The Duke of Zuke  —  released by Tombed Visions
13. The Man Man by Ty Segall  —  released by Drag City

Episode the Seventh of Spool’s Out Radio went out live from the studios of Resonance 104.4fm in the city of London. I had a terrible cold, and was breathing like a perverse colonel in a sweaty strip joint, so expect my tones to be rather less dulcet than the usual. Be sure to check out the PODCAST version of the show too…. visible in your iTunes store, etc….

This week’s bit of packaging porn is the amazing pop art cover for An Trinse’s Deeds of Shame cassette tape, designed by the man himself…


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