Spool’s Out Radio #9: An Trinse, Live Session

Spool’s Out Radio Ep 9 Musics:

1. A Purpose by Father Murphy —  released by The Flenser
2. Us by Umfang —  released by videogamemusic
3. April Journal Excerpts by Lung Cycles  —  released by Lily Tapes & Discs
4. Live on Resonance 104.4FM by An Trinse
5. Faulterkammer by Whirling Hall of Knives  — released by Fort Evil Fruit
6. Danie Loves Mountain by Plains Druid  — released by Illuminated Paths

For the 9th Episode of Spool’s Out Radio our man An Trinse came down to the Resonance 104.4fm studios to play some LIVE NOISES on air. We talked briefly about inspirations, methodologies, and what the heck ‘An Trinse‘ means. You can come and see An Trinse, along with Duke of Zuke and (my band) Dodmen next Monday at Power Lunches in Haggerston, London. Here’s the poster designed by An Trinse himself:

As usual, this is available as a podcast (just search for ‘Spools Out’) and up on mixcloud (above). Coming soon… a special mix show from the folks at Noumenal Loom!

Here is a picture of Steph-‘An Trinse’ chilled out in the studio, looking effortlessly cool.



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