Spool’s Out Radio #10: Bandcloud

Spool’s Out Radio X, Thee Playliste:

1. dro, nimb #5 by Phil Maguire — released by Drone Warfare Tapes
2. The Terrace by Pan American — released by Geographic North
3. White Tape Trk 1 by DJ Guy — released by Crisis Urbana
4. Derwen Adwy’r Meirwon by Magpahi — released by Folklore Tapes
5. Abbots Bronley Horn Dance by Memotone — released by WotNot
6. Phoenix Asteroids by Tootosis — released by Treguard
7. From The Highest Point of the Park You Turn Right by Elizabeth Veldon — released by Herhalen
8. Pipe Dreams by Pyramids of Space — released by Mordant Music
9. 02 by De Leon — released by Aught
10. Enxubat by Ivy Barkakati — released by Angoisse
11. Splash by Kara-Lis Coverdale — released by Sacred Phrases
12. Not Even by Teresa Winter — released by CACAO
13. Milky Sweat by Nadia Khan — released by Where To Now?
14. Paradise Evac by Redahan — released by Evenings & Weekends
15. ‘My Nocturne’ by Beatrice Dillon — released by Where To Now?
16. Calvary by Father Murphy — released by Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records
17. What Others Are Saying by Circuit Rider — released by J&C Tapes
18. We Need Mirrors by El Kid — released by No Corner
19. Adrift by Yamaneko — released by Local Action

The triumphant 10th Episode of Spool’s Out Radio saw a guest cassette-only mix flown in from Dublin, put together by the wonderful Aidan Hanratty of Bandcloud, and broadcast on the London airwaves via Resonance 104.4fm. Visit bit.ly/bandcloud to signup for Aidan’s weekly mail out of intensely brilliant music culled from across the web….

As usual, this is available as a podcast (just search for ‘Spools Out’) and up on mixcloud (above). Coming soon… guest mix from Noumenal Loom, and in studio appearance by representatives from Kit Records!!


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