Spool’s Out Radio #12: Kit Records

Spool’s Out Radio 12 Tunez:

  1. Benefits Respiratory by Sebastian Palomar  —  released by Dramatic Records
  2. Benefits Meditative by Sebastian Palomar  —  released by Dramatic Records
  3. Kley Rflx by R. Karim  —  released by Kit Records
  4. Memex (Part Two) by Ex Geo  —  released by Indole Records
  5. Massive Bummer by The Nag’s Head  —  released by Kit Records
  6. Vietnamese Piano (Excerpt) by Clade  —  self-released
  7.  涙くん オリジナル(Namida Kun Original) by Minoru Tanaka  —  released by Sweet Dreams Press
  8. Ry Vux by Yaaard  —  released by Reckno
  9. [Untitled as of yet] by Devon Loch & Antidröm  —  released by Kit Records
  10. Uppskjuta by Antidröm  —  released by The Association for Depth Sound Recordings

Richard Greenan of Kit Records and Devon Loch joined us in the Resonance 104.4fm studio for episode 12 of Spool’s Out Radio, bringing a nice wad of tapes from his label.

Check out his show on NTS Radio every Sunday from 3pm!! and his own music put out under the name Devon Loch:



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