Spool’s Out Radio #13: rkss

Spool’s Out Radio 13 Trakklist:

  1. Music as a Healing Force Lecture by Randall McClellan  —  released by Sun Ark Recordings
  2. Onset – Beyond Clouds by Dolphins Into The Future  —  released by Cetacean Nation Cassettes
  3. Untitled by Huerco S.  —  released by Opal Tapes
  4. Quirlhöhle by Vuptes & Broshuda  —  released by Phinery
  5. Poisson by Beatrice Dillon  —  released by Where to Now?
  6. 03 by Stefan Jos  —  released by Opal Tapes
  7. Watched by rkss  —  released by Seagrave
  8. Rain by rkss  —  released by Seagrave
  9. Mora/Low Cakes (IXTAB Remix) by Micromelancolié   —  upcoming release
  10. Harmony by A i w A  —  released by Farbwechsel
  11. Fluid Stasis by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier   —  released by Where to Now?
  12. Got Charged For That Shit by DJ Slyngshot  —  released by Yappin Records
  13. Untitled by Riohv  —  released by 1080p Collection
  14. Future Goner by Neu Balance  —  released by 1080p Collection
  15. Epitaph by Nico Niquo  —  released by Orange Milk Records

London producer Robin, aka rkss, joined us in the Resonance 104.4fm studio to choose tapes and talk about his own productions for episode 13 of Spool’s Out Radio. His new release Cell out on the brilliant Seagrave label is available via bandcamp right now…


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