Spool’s Out Radio #14: Pirate Modernity

Spool’s Out Radio & Pirate Modernity Tracklist:

  1. Nun Biya Suha Kachnag Teera by Noor M. Kochi
    2. Satr Kai Rava Rai Wa Khmar Woray Layza Mai by Farzana
    3. Malnug Yum Parta Malnug by Dolat Qurah Baaghi
    4. Untitled by Noor Mohammad Katwazee
    5. Bacha Ko Hastani by Feroz Kandozi
    6. Kha Hare Larazghi Azghi She by Gulnar Begum
    7. Aus Khuwam Qadarna Koye by Nazia Iqbal
    8. Jirga Tapey Misrey by Nazia Iqbal

Two of the folks behind brilliant new cassette tape project/label Pirate Modernity joined us in the Resonance 104.4fm studio. They told us all about strange and wonderful new forms of music emerging in the regions between war torn Afghanistan and Pakistan, and played us several choice cuts culled from their epic cassette collection, gathered in shops in Lahore and elsewhere.

Copies of their first compilation release, Federally Administered Tribal Folk And Pathan Pop From Peshawar To Kabul, are still available.

PS. There’s a clip below that appears to be the work of the man behind today’s first tune, Noor M. Kochi – GREAT VID!


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