Spool’s Out Radio #15: 5½ Hour Special!!!

This week’s edition of Spool’s Out Radio took the form of a mighty 5½ hour long special, giving us the chance to spin some of those longer tracks we normally have to cut during the regular weekly hour long show.

Spool’s Out 5½ Hour Special HUGE Track list:

  1. Clifford by Gobby  —  release by 1080p Collection
  2. The Ghost of Benno Ohnesorg, Part 2 by Art of the Memory Palace  —  released by Static Caravan
  3. Aeroforms 2  / “Why do the white people just shoot us?”  by Paul H Williams  / Nigel Wrench  —  released by  The Tapeworm
  4. Wings by Dialect  —  released by 1080p Collection
  5. Coney Island Fog by Dialect  — released by 1080p Collection
  6. Denim Do’s and Don’ts by $hit & $hine  —  released by Astral Spirits
  7. Colony of Ants in a Sad, Sad House by AyGeeTee  —  released by Reckno
  8. Soda Stream by Inkswel  —  released by This Thing
  9. Islands of Opium by Cornered Yet Climbing  —  released by Tombed Visions
  10. Who Holds The Devil, Hold Him Well by Thomas Ragsdale  —  released by This Is It Forever
  11. Sloom’s Song by Sloom  —  released by Power Moves Label
  12. A Seam for Thinking by Cahill Locksmith  —  released by Power Moves Label
  13. & Broken Things! by Exquisite Corpse  —  released by Tesla Tapes
  14. Bars in Ljubljana’s Castle by Empty Taxi  —  self-released
  15. Instructions To Shunters by Television Set —  released by  The Tapeworm
  16. Intalude by Demonstration Synthesis  —  released by Sacred Tapes
  17. To Man by Wei Zhongle  —  released by NNA Tapes
  18. 1 Light 4 U by Mute-Tiny  —  released by Seagrave
  19. Into the Mild by Lung Cycles  —  released by Lily Tapes & Discs
  20. Vibe by Holly Waxwing  —  released by Noumenal Loom
  21. Oh Oh Oh by Cream Juice  —  released by Orange Milk
  22. She Slept Here by Nadia Khan  —  released by videogamemusic
  23. Into the Ring Nebula by Bird People  —  released by J&C Tapes
  24. Abandon by Eton Mess  —  released by Wiener Records
  25. Salt by Onsen  —  released by Lady Boy Records
  26. She Would Become Wet by AL-90  —  released by Reckno
  27. Einstein’s Brain by ULTRAORTHADOX  —  released by FALK
  28. Cha Cha Cha by The Fingers  —  released by Kitchen Leg Records
  29. Aimless Passerby by Old Smile  —  self-released
  30. Surface Sign by Antony Milton  —  released by End of the Alphabet
  31. Mannequin Gait by I Have Eaten the City  —  released by Tombed Visions
  32. Leaves Cling to Rain by Ekca Liena  —  released by Was ist Das?
  33. Carpenter Ant by Necro Deathmort  —  released by Extreme Ultimate
  34. Scrabble You by Amanda Feery  —  released by Fort Evil Fruit
  35. Shine Like a Lover by Sofia DeVille  —  released by Memorials of Distinction
  36. NK012A02 by B/B/S/  —  released by Umor Rex
  37. The Terrace by Pan*American  —  released by Geographic North
  38. Perceivable Attraction by School House  —  released by Tombed Visions
  39. The Masochist’s Tango by Whitney George  —  released by Blue Tapes
  40. Glass and Steel by The Nag’s Head  —  released by Kit Records
  41. Trances of the Blast II by Raising Holy Sparks  —  released by Cruel Nature Records
  42. Sirens by Closed Circuits  —  self-released
  43. ☃ by mus.hiba  —  released by Orange Milk
  44. Rod Serling’s Predator by Ondness  —  released by Paralaxe Editions
  45. Her Stomach on Terror by Wanda Group —  released by Opal Tapes
  46. Infinity by Eartheater  —  released by Hausu Mountain
  47. Free Food / One Men Striper by Karen Gwyer  —  released by Opal Tapes
  48. There is Nothing Better by Tashi DorjiFrank Meadows Duo  —  released by Cabin Floor Esoterica
  49. Silent Seas by Siavash Amini  —  released by Umor Rex

An exercise in durational radio… There’s far too much music in the above list to summarize – just dive in!! Email me at spoolsoutradio@gmail.com or tweet @tristan_bath


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