Spool’s Out Radio #16: BARO Records Special

This week, Spool’s Out Radio gets taken over by one of our favourite labels in the world, BARO Records from Chicago, Illinois. BARO co-runner Kevin Hein takes us through the label’s brief history – including their graduation to cassette tape releases – while choosing some wonderful highlights from their back catalogue. Music from the likes of Julian Lynch, Odd Nosdam & Grouper, and Bracken, plus exclusive unreleased tracks from forthcoming releases by Benoît Pioulard and Gardener.

BARO records take over songs played:

  1. No Sense of Place by Bracken
  2. A.R.M. (II) by Bre’r
  3. Cloak of Pissy Rain by Arborist
  4. Songs of Forgiveness (Side B Extract) by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
  5. Beacons by Trevor Luikart
  6. Palms Up by Andrew Broder / Crescent Moon
  7. Mercury by Julian Lynch
  8. Peite B by Olli Aarni
  9. I’m With My Eyes Open (unreleased exclusive) by Gardener
  10. Mobius Return by Difference Clouds
  11. O l y n n (w/ Grouper) by Odd Nosdam
  12. B4 XI (unreleased exclusive) by Benoît Pioulard
  13. Backyard by Ant’lrd

Well worth heading over to the BARO website to see some beautiful photos of the label’s brilliant psychedelic cassette designs, e.g. the adapted tape version of Julian Lynch’s brilliant Orange You Glad (below)



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