Spool’s Out Radio #17

After several weeks of interviews, guest mixes and general special episodes, it’s time for some straight up, good old music on tape. New and upcoming releases abound in this week’s episodes, with stuff via Spool’s Out favourites Umor RexJ&C TapesTombed VisionsKit Records, and Power Moves Label’s new Power Moves Library imprint (plus lorra lorra more!)

SOR#17 Playlist:

  1. by Gultskra Artikler  —  released by Umor Rex
  2. Beautiful by SkyRider  —  released by Illuminated Paths
  3. Reebs Dub by Beatrice Dillon  —  released by Where to Now?
  4. AM Crucial Reward by Glochids  —  released by Phinery
  5. Da Tosse by Ondness  —  released by videogamemusic
  6. The Ubiquitous Cowrie by Rémy Charrier  —  released by Umor Rex
  7. Chapel Perilous by Earth/Vessel  —  released by White Reeves Productions
  8. The Never Ending Bend by Ryan Emmett —  released by White Reeves Productions
  9. Woven Dreams by Tanner Garza  —  released by J&C Tapes
  10. Your Far Away Look by Blaine Todd  —  released by Full Spectrum Records
  11. Medita/Medica by Running Point  —  released by Power Moves Library
  12. Take 0 by A i w a  —  released by Farbwechsel
  13. My Hand (Upon Your Face) by Kevin Hein  —  released by BARO
  14. Butterfly by Cosmic Neighbourhood  —  released by Kit Records
  15. ハイライト by Kyonpalm  —  released by Illuminated Paths
  16. Disney (Home Version) by Kara-Lis Coverdale & LXV, remixed by James Place  —  released by Umor Rex
  17. Calm Winds Carry the Breath of Birds by Cornered Yet Climbing  —  released by Tombed Visions

Coming soon on Spool’s Out Radio – interviews and mixes from the likes of videogamemusic, Noumenal Loom, Power Moves, and the mighty Ondness!

This week’s we honour the genius of Umor Rex‘s tape designs, specifically the latest candy orange masterwork for Gultskra Arikler’s amazing new album:



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