Spool’s Out Radio #18: videogamemusic

This week it’s an interview and mix with Sam at South London based tape label, videogamemusic. This label’s spent the last 12 months putting out beautiful minimal tapes, and debut releases from some of the best new producers going, including Naida Khan, Umfang, and Ondness. This mix is something special too, with lots of forthcoming stuff from both Kit Records and videogamemusic, plus some totally unknown mystery music…

videogamemusic mix track list:

  1. 3 by Jonathan Scherk  —  self-released
  2. Chords Study (Extended) by Devon Loch & Antidröm  —  forthcoming release on Kit Records
  3. America Song by Lumigraph  —  released by Repeater Vol 1.
  4. Glome Organ by Sculpture  —  released by DEKORDER
  5. Oscar by Niagara  —  forthcoming release on videogamemusic
  6. In The Night by Negra Branca  —  released by Zamzamrec
  7. Cardinal Perplexogram by [PHYSICS]  —  released by Digitalis
  8. Rog89 by Dechurn
  9. ??? by Haddon
  10. Culex Vector by Maoupa Mazzocchetti  —  released by Unknown Precept
  11. Body-Image by Not Waving —  released by Ecstatic
  12. ??? by Broshuda —  forthcoming release on videogamemusic

NB – bed music during the interview at the start of the show was B1 from Precipitation’s recent videogamemusic cassette

vgm mix



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