Spool’s Out Radio #19: Noumenal Loom

This week it’s a guest mix from Birmingham, Alabama based label, Noumenal Loom. This label’s been firing out sets of indefinable music somewhere between footwork and psych-folk since late 2013, including music from Orange Milk label head Seth Graham, and Noumenal Loom’s own co-runner, Holly Waxwing. Their mix covers a whole heap of ground too, from Prefab Sprout to 1080p’s Project Pablo! PEACE

Opening music was: Leblaze ~ “Flamboyant” (Geographic North)

Noumenal Loom mix track list:

1. Ken Seeno ~ “A Breezy Memory” (NNA)
2. Lovesliescrushing ~ “Plume” (Lullaby)
3. Les Halles ~ “Human Pinball” (Noumenal Loom)
4. Ahnnu ~ “Kept” (NNA)
5. SETH ~ “METH FACE (i can’t wait)” (1080p)
6. Aloonaluna ~ “Monsoon” (1080p)
7. Prefab Sprout ~ “Wild Horses” (Kitchenware Records)
8. Neu Balance ~ “Sheffie” (1080p)
9. Piotr Kurek ~ “Missing Paths” (1080p)
10. Bataille Solaire ~ “Sauropodes et Acacias” (Constellation Tatsu)
11. Pulse Emitter ~ “Volvo” (Beer on the Rug)
12. Project Pablo ~ “In the Mat” (1080p)
13. Former Selves ~ “Opposites in Harmony” (Cosmic Winnetou)
14. Drew Price ~ “Something White” (Happenin Records)
15. Co La ~ “White Silver Sands (Radiowave Version)” (Watercolor)
16. Lapalux ~ “Quick Kiss” (Pictures Music)
17. Angel 1 ~ “Shrubb” (1080p)
18. Gora Sou ~ “Punta Alem” (Orange Milk)


The artwork for Gora Sou’s Orange Milk tape just about sums things up below:


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