Spool’s Out Radio #20: Power Moves Label

This week it’s a guest mix of global weirdness, dreamy Americana and all manner of tapey goodness from one of our favourite labels in the entire world: Power Moves Label, based out of Toronto. The mix was pieced together by the great Kevin Cahill, the man behind Power Moves Label and its recently birthed micro-label offshoot Power Moves Library. The mix includes a forthcoming track from PML’s next release by experimental musician Derek Baron.

Kevin Cahill is also an incredible guitarist in his own right, who records under the name Running Point – do check him out… NB: he recorded the spoken intro/outro to today’s show using cutting edge … handheld microcassette technology.

ALSO – coming soon from Power Moves too is a charity compilation, featuring contributions from all of the label’s artists to date, with all proceeds going to the Nepalese Earthquake relief effort. Keep an eye out for news of that, and be ready to reach deep into those pockets.

Power Moves Label/Library mix list:

  1. Sister O.M. Terrell – Lord I Want You To Lead Me On (Death Is Not The End)
  2. Melted Morton – The Crave (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
  3. Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman – Dungeness Spit (Full Spectrum Records)
  4. Roger Tellier-Craig – Sightings: Landfall (Where To Now?)
  5. Ravi Shankar – Raga Rageshri (Ravi Shankar Music Circle)
  6. Keith Fullerton Whitman – Occlusion (Ronda Valencia) (Protracted View)
  7. Death Rattle – Untitled 1 (House of Alchemy)
  8. Derek Baron – Calle Baron (Power Moves Library)
  9. Derek Monypeny – Disappointment Lurks (Ambivalent Soap)
  10. Judith Cohen – Sephardic Judeo-Spanish Songs/Chants (Turkish Version) (MusicWorks)
  11. Dolphins Into The Future – Lieven Martens Moana – Mo’o (For Francesco Cavaliere, 2014) (Edicoes CN)

Check out the Power Moves Library back catalogue below, which doubles as a photographer’s gallery…


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