Spool’s Out Radio #21

For the first time in a few weeks we find ourselves with no guests, no five-and-a-half hour slot, and no special mix!! Just tune in, turn on and drop out to a classic hour of music released on cassette.

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @tristan_bath

SOR#21 track list:

  1. [background] Alpár – Pelican Cay (JJ Funhouse)
  2. Washington Phillips – Lift Him Up That’s All (Death is Not the End)
  3. Angola QuartetBrother Norah (Death is Not the End)
  4. Andy Mosely, Hogman Maxey – Brother Mosely Crossed the Water (Death is Not the End)
  5. ChalaqueToeing the Water of a Chasmic Absence (Feathered Coyote)
  6. NiagaraVermelha (videogamemusic)
  7. Jung an TagenAufräumen (Orange Milk)
  8. White CollarJoyce Hatto (self-released)
  9. Andreas Dzialocha – 6 (Slip)
  10. Otto Willberg – 1.11 (Slip)
  11. Fuewa – Canyons To Shape You (Sonic Router)
  12. The Vitamin B12 – Winter City Pattern 3 (Third Kind Records)
  13. Bird People – Belleville Raag (Was ist Das?)
  14. Rémy Charrier – 1929 (Umor Rex)
  15. Philip Corner – Through More Than The Mysterious Barricade Pt. 2 [Excerpt] (Sacred Tapes

One of the few photos of Washington Phillips, dual wielding zithers no less:


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