Spool’s Out Radio #22

Noisy, silky, psychedelic jams ranging from jutting funky techno to liberated free noise and raga rock – ALL PUT OUT ON CASSETTE TAPE! More guests coming soon to Spool’s Out, including the likes of Dino Spiluttini, Structured Disasters, Ondness.

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @tristan_bath

SOR#22 playlist:

  1. Makaya McCraven – Interstellar (International Anthem)
  2. Nick Storring – They Carry Light (Orange Milk)
  3. German Army – Trauma Group (Fort Evil Fruit)
  4. Dino Spiluttini – Restraint (J&C Tapes)
  5. Teshome Wolde and Dahlak Band – አወዮሽ አወይ ላላ (ጉራጊኛ) (via Awesome Tapes from Africa)
  6. Sitar Outreach Ministry – Fountains of Bliss (Magnetic South)
  7. Scratched GlassAttic Bed (Self-Released)
  8. Mary Lattimore – Princess Nicotene (1909) (upcoming on Kit Records)
  9. Vuptes & BroshudaKitz (Phinery)
  10. Andrew Bernstein Though Forms III (Hausu Mountain)
  11. MatchessThe Need of the Greatest Wealth (Digitalis)
  12. Noel Meek(talking doesn’t boil rice) (End of the Alphabet)
  13. BabauPalo Majombe (Artetetra)
  14. Colin PotterAll Reel (ICR)
  15. Natural Snow BuildingsCarnal Flowers (Blackest Rainbow)
  16. African Ghost Valley –  Dunesl Ceremonies (Hylé Tapes)
  17. 1991 – Harm Autumn (Opal Tapes)


Makaya McCraven’s handsome package detailed below:



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