Spool’s Out Radio #23: Plains Druid

Emerging from Chicago’s unbeatable underground music scene, Plains Druid crafts heavenly swathes of new age noise music, littered with submerged melodies. He put out a tape apiece on Blue Tapes last year and Illuminated Paths this year, and for the second half of today’s show provides us with a mix of his own material alongside some other bits and beats.

Some other tunes at the head of the show, including stuff from Broshuda, plus some other Chicagoans like TALsounds.

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @tristan_bath // @PlainsDruid


  1. Plains Druid – Canyons (Illuminated Paths)
  2. Broshuda – Loner (Seagrave)
  3. Sculpture – State Translation (Phinery)
  4. Laughing Eye Weeping EyeAlmighty Void (Moon Glyph)
  5. TALsounds – Talk Alone (Hausu Mountain)
  6. Spektral Quartet / Eliza BrownString Quartet No. 1 (Parlour Tapes+)
  7. Precipitation – B3 (videogamemusic)
    — Plains Druid Mix — 
  8. ChemtrailsB2
  9. ChemtrailsLive at Club Rectum (Internet Archive)
  10. Plains DruidTropical Ish
  11. Gardener Parked Above the Freeway
  12. Lost TrailLingering Just Outside Your Field of Vision
  13. Matthew BarlowOf Waves (Rainbow Pyramid)
  14. Random YouTube Field Recording
  15. Plains Druid – Super Real Islands B2 (Blue Tapes)


Enjoy the cosmic VHS-grained video for Plains Druid/Mark McGuire below …


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