Spool’s Out Radio #25: Structured Disasters presents “Dispatches from the New Aylesbury Underground”

This week it’s a dispatch of material recorded deep inside the New Aylesbury Underground in Buckinghamshire, brought to us courtesy of the fine folks behind Structured Disasters.

Visit structureddisasters.wordpress.com

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SOR#25 + Structureddisasters:

  1. Ashley TurnerAfter The Beach
  2. 1877The Way Back
  3. GlockenspielMode 2 (Krayon Recordings)
  4. GlockenspielTramadol (Babel Label)
  5. Ashley TurnerLab (Day 1)
  6. Ashley TurnerBody As A Piece Of Meat
  7. PluralsJanuary At The Cowley Club (Structured Disasters)
  8. Lust RollersThe Insalubrity Of The Rich
  9. lkhszszslkh1.wav
  10. Lust RollersLive At The Last Bookshop, Oxford
  11. HEYLELPurgatory
  12. KebabfaceChill Out Your Face
  13. Black JujuHalo Baby
  14. Nonsensical TenticalSix Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Six
  15. Gordon Ramsay’s Meatball Nightmares Zombie Meatball Eaters (Live Version)
  16. SpinecakesSpinecakes Part 1
  17. GlockenspielStructured Disasters 1 (Structured Disasters)
  18. lkhszszstheboy.wav
  19. Kill Radio BeesLive At The Last Bookshop, Oxford
  20. DJ Power RoofingBad Shit Brad Pitt

Below: the poster for a recent Structured Disasters gig in Oxford.



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