Spool’s Out Radio #30: Reckno

This week we talk to Chris Catlin (aka Yaaard), the man behind ‘frontierless abstract’ UK-based tape label Reckno. The label have been responsible for countless incredible releases in recent years, but tonight we dig into their latest batch out just this month. It includes a killer set of arpeggiation and synth vibes from Budapest’s Norwell, a remix album of tunes by Joane Skyler, and cosmic forest wandering with newcomer Eating Flowers.

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath // @R_E_C_K_N_O
visit // reckno.com

SOR#30 w/ Reckno (playlist incl. background muzak)

  1. AyGeeTee – The Feed
  2. Michael Tanner – Witch Elder (V-VII)
  3. YaaardBo Va
  4. AL-90 – Florescent
  5. Biographs – bird sings: we aren’t free here; we’re going the wrong way
  6. Joane Skyler – dinosaur
  7. Eating FlowersNaturalistic Fallacy
  8. Duncan HarrisonStairwell Piece
  9. Yaaard – Tell Me (for Kinlaw)
  10. Attack BearChotto
  11. Ibiza Sunrise / Joane Skyler – the wibbly remix
  12. dtcpu – Side A (excerpt)
  13. Norwell – Running Sculptures
  14. Teresa Winter – Bounce 700
  15. AL-90 – Brain Damage
  16. Teresa Winter – Cannot Look


Below – marvel at the beauty of RECKNO’s bandcamp page…


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