Spool’s Out Radio #31: Broshuda

The wunderkind himself, Broshuda has provided us with a mix of smushed together bits and pieces from his archive of unreleased (or soon to be released) solo and collaborative excursions. It’s been a busy year for Broshuda, putting out 2 albums on Seagrave, a collab with Vuptes on Phinery, a killer tape EP on Sonic Router, and compiling an upcoming tape a piece for Paralaxe Editions and videogamemusic.

Either side of Broshuda’s megamix I got to play a few recent gems too, including stuff from Salford undergrounders Cong Burn Waves, some ancient Heatsick noise, some proper beauty from Kinlaw, a jam from Slovak producer EǤA, plus lorra more.

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath // @Broshuda


Spool’s Out In-House Preamble:

  1. Big Flip the MassiveHoodie Bobby (End of the Alphabet)
  2. Cong Burn WavesSide B (excerpt)
  3. EǤAI Saw the Sine (Exitab)
  4. IsorinneUnnatural Causes (MIXED-UP)
  5. StereociliaEroding (Echoic Memory)
  6. HeatsickSinging Mist (Alcoholic Narcolepsy)
  7. Kirk the Flirt & Peter PressurePoodle (1080p)
  8. KinlawBd x48 Eymet (Seagrave)

Broshuda For Spool’s Out Megamix:

  1. Broshuda‘s Granular Synth & Four Track Jam On Quib´s Equipment
  2. Sunday Synth Jam Excerpt
  3. More Synth Jam Excerpts
  4. FratarBroshuda Jam Excerpt
  5. Cavernous Jam Excerpt (Fratar & Broshuda)
  6. VuptesBroshudaDicker Fisch Jam Excerpt
  7. BroshudaUntitled (Forthcoming Paralaxe Editions)
  8. Vuptes, FratarBroshuda Jam 3/3
  9. VuptesFratarBroshuda Jam 2/3 Synth Session Excerpt
  10. BroshudaGliemling (Forthcoming videogamemusic)
  11. BroshudaAltar Jam (Final Version via Sonic Router)
  12. BroshudaSchmelzende Herzen (Jam)
  13. Broshuda – ???? (…Probably videogamemusic)
  14. Various Broshudian Synth Excursions Layered
  15. More Four Track Layerings More Synth Excursions
  16. Broshuda – ????
  17. Broshuda – Barnsley Street (Forthcoming Paralaxe Editions)
  18. Broshuda Synth Session Excerpt
  19. Lost & Found Synth Session

Bonus track:

  1. Jay Glass DubsSleepless Dub (Hylé Tapes)

ps. Check out the cover art for Kinlaw’s recent YMA/KK tape by Broshuda below




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