Spool’s Out Radio #34: 2015 Rewind, Pt. 1

We look back over 2015 in part one of a rewind series, playing cuts from the best tapes of the year…

Read the full list article over at The Quietus here
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  1. TALSounds – My Way (Hausu Mountain)
  2. Tanner Garza – February 1979 (J&C Tapes)
  3. JacoberSeven Headless Laps (Geographic North)
  4. 2 8 1 4 – 新宿ゴールデン街 (Shinjuku Gōruden-Gai) (Not Not Fun / Dream Catalogue)
  5. Umfang – Universal (videogamemusic)
  6. Philip Corner – Through More Than The Mysterious Barricade (Sacred Tapes)
  7. Cornered Yet Climbing feat. Kelly Jayne Jones – Islands of Opium (Tombed Visions)
  8. Otto Willberg2.1 (Slip)
  9. Lee Noble – Pearl Divers (Patient Sounds)
  10. Josh Millrod – Opening the Doors (Seagrave)

see below, an illustration below from Indonesian artist Wedhar Riyadi, used by End of the Alphabet records this year, and featured in The Quietus’ tape list

Volcano - Wedhar Riyadi (background)



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