Spool’s Out Radio #35: 2015 Rewind, Pt. 2

We continue looking back over 2015 in part TWO of a rewind series, playing cuts from the best tapes of the year…

Read the full list article over at The Quietus here
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Pleylist II
  1. Smiling Disease – Double Locked (Memorials of Distinction)
  2. Nadia Khan – She Slept Here (videogamemusic)
  3. Delphine Dora & Sophie CooperIntuition (Was ist Das?)
  4. Satan Loves Nintendo – error twin (End of the Alphabet)
  5. O$VMV$M – 2 Fo 3 (No Corner)
  6. Jay Glass DubsReplica Dub (Hylé Tapes)
  7. Augenmusik – Phase XIII (Eiderdown Records)
  8. Sculpture – Resurfacing (Phinery)
  9. MMMOOONNNOOO – Preliminary Functions (Speaker Footage)
  10. Andreas Dzialocha – 6 (Slip)
  11. BroshudaIncense (Sonic Router)
  12. Kara-Lis Coverdale – Touch Me & Die (Sacred Phrases)
  13. Ralph WillisChristmas Blues (Death is Not the End)
  14. Leadbelly – Christmas Is A-Coming (Death is Not the End)

see below, an illustration below from Indonesian artist Wedhar Riyadi, used by End of the Alphabet records this year, and featured in The Quietus’ tape list

Volcano - Wedhar Riyadi (background)



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