Spool’s Out Radio #36: Astral Spirits

We complete our look back over 2015 with an episode dedicated to our tape label of the year: Astral Spirits. Free jazz, imagined Italian movie scores, Polish synthesizer improvisations, and harsh midwestern noise. Astral Spirits has it all…

visit // monofonuspress.com/astral-spirits
email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath

  1. Tredici BacciCODA
  2. Mazzarella/Håker-Flaten/Ra – Vega (excerpt)
  3. Survival Unit III – Blood of a Poet (excerpt)
  4. Bouchons D’OreillesMajor Promise (excerpt)
  5. Mike Majkowski – Gondola
  6. Joe McPheeTenor Solo (excerpt)
  7. Icepick – Rosso Corsa (excerpt)
  8. Sarah Hennies – Hi-Hat
  9. Rob MazurekSpark Faun and Tiger Born
  10. Kid Millions & Jim Sauter – Hombre Secreto
  11. Boxhead Ensemble Descend
  12. In the SeaChickens & Peas
  13. Shit & ShineTJC 15

Note – read an ace interview with the label via our chums at Tabs Out




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