Spool’s Out Radio #38: Jay Glass Dubs / The Hydra

The multifaceted sound worlds of Dimitris Papadatos (b.1981, USA) have been one of our favourite discoveries in recent times. Whether crafting far flung cinematic soundscapes as The Hydra, singing obliquely strategised songs as KU, or jamming hypnotic cosmic dub as Jay Glass Dubs, Papadatos is always intriguing.

His Jay Glass Dubs release for Hylé Tapes last year made the Spool’s Out Best of 2015 list at The Quietus, so we saw fit to ask him to put something together for us. The result is this head-spinning 55-minute “mix of some 80s-90s greek underground tapes with newer stuff”. Lots of sneak peeks from upcoming releases lie therein.


We also paid some dues to the late Mr. Bowie at the very tail end of the episode, dusting off that old ’91 cassette release of the mighty Lodger

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  1. Costis DrygianakisEarly Night, Winter (excerpt), taken from self-released Ores Kai Epoches CS, 1993
  2. Jay Glass DubsFormation Dub, taken from upcoming Jay Glass Dubs II CS on THRHNDRDSVNTNN, 2016
  3. Blood RoomVade Ultra (Kinlaw remix), taken from upcoming Indices CS on Cloud Bank, 2016
  4. Eghromo GalaThe Monster, taken from Eghromo Gala CS on Varka Tapes, 1986
  5. NorwellFent Lent, taken from upcoming Unsolved Dissonance CS on Seagrave, 2016
  6. Right KniderIn A Gallium Cage, taken from Organodesma CS on Record Label Record Label, 2015
  7. The HydraCrabs, taken from upcoming Never Sync CS on Infinite Waves, 2016
  8. One With The UniverseReality, taken from the self-released demo CS, 1995
  9. Fysiolatrikos SyllogosPerimenontas Ton Niko Foskolo, taken from 0651 compilation CS on Varka Tapes, 1985
  10. A i w ACREST 13, taken from upcoming Telepathic Peace Agreement CS on Seagrave 2016
  11. Lost BodiesMirmigkofolia, taken from self-released Anarofissi Trofis CS, 1988
  12. North VestEight, taken from upcoming Fulda CS on Phinery, 2016
  13. UmfangAaaaaaa, taken from upcoming COLD CLOUDS x PHILIPPE VANDAL x WANDA GROUP x UMFANG – Four Way Split CS on Phinery, 2016
  14. Moni MoniUn, taken from upcoming Exits USB on Speaker Footage, 2016
  15. David Bowie – DJ, taken from Lodger

NB – Enjoy below the artwork by B. Lind Krarup, taken from The Hydra’s exceptional Soft Minerals on Phinery



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