Spool’s Out Radio #39: Invisible City Records

Gateshead-based cassette label Invisible City Records began issuing potent slabs of drone, darkness, and far-reaching experimentalism back in 2014. It’s gone on to become one of our favourite labels operating in the UK, so we asked them to provide a mix for our show:

“These are all artists or labels that had a huge impact on why I started Invisible City Records and how it sounds today. Some of my all time favourite pieces of music are in there too, especially the Jazzfinger track…it gets me every time I hear it…”

visit // invisiblecityrecords.bandcamp.com
email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath

Track list:
1. Culver – The Brown In Her Eyes Helps Me See The Future (Matching Head, 2015)
2. Greg Gorlen – Moldflowers 7 (Soun Records, 2015)
3. Jon Collin – Wrong Moves 1 (Winebox Press, 2015)
4. Grave Molt – A (VAALD, 2014)
5. Jazzfinger – Freedom of Pollen (JK Tapes, 2008)
6. Kay Hill and Kevin Sanders – Treason (Hairdryer Excommunication, 2015)


Below – Art for the wonderful Concrete/Wound tape on ICR, credited to the Wellcome Collection



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