Spool’s Out Radio #41: Rough & Tumble

Plundering the depths of our recent tape arrivals, it’s a week of densely packed and sometimes overlapping new gems. Played a few more good ol’ rocking rock bands this week too – though don’t panic the drone and avant noise gunk is still there too. Began talking about this as well, give it a check – fundraiser.resonance.fm
email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath

Background Music: TresilazePL10B (PSI Lab)

  1. California BungalowsTarzana (Never Anything Records)
  2. LanternGreen Garden Road (Fixture Records)
  3. Maxwell August CroyInnocence Puzzle (Psychic Troubles Tapes)
  4. West AmericaPast is Personal (Memorials of Distinction)
  5. BroshudaSlinky’s Day Off (videogamemusic)
  6. RohameWeakening (Faux Discx)
  7. M/MIt Gets Cold When the Sun Goes Down (Czaszka Records)
  8. Carl KrugerEvil Peep Hole (Bicephalic Records)
  9. Wild KidCatch Me (Apothecary Compositions)
  10. BengeSeptobel (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)
  11. SkeppetSaluto! (Not Not Fun)
  12. Eril FjordParabolica (Farbwechsel)
  13. Joseph Quimby Jr.Judgement (Tombed Vision)
  14. Meeting By ChanceStatic (Pawlacz Perski)
  15. How To Cure Our SoulFrom the village to the country under the moonlight (Low Point)

Below – a snap of Never Anything’s bandcamp

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 08.37.19


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