Spool’s Out Radio #43: Mispronunciations

The star of tonight’s show is most likely the opening track from stunning chamber freefolk trio Library of Babel, but we also lean heavily on new stuff from two of our favourite labels Fort Evil Fruit from Ireland, and Hylé Tapes from France. Also the label I’m co-starting can be found here.

CorrectionLIQUID SKULLS‘ wonderful tape is out on another French label ERR REC, not Hylé as mentioned in the show.

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath


  1. Library of Babel – Blind Corners in Wild Dawn (Blue Tapes)
  2. JPEGMAFIA – I Just Killed a Cop Now I’m Horny (Memorials of Distinction)
  3. Maven CX – Elevator Propaganda (Dream Fader)
  4. Mats Erlandsson – Consensual Factories (Posh Isolation)
  6. Acid Fountain – Ravins (Hylé Tapes)
  7. Dang Olsen Dream Tape – BODY WORK (Hylé Tapes)
  8. Head Dress – Ti11262014lT (Hylé Tapes)
  9. Delphine DoraL’impossible échappée (Fort Evil Fruit)
  10. George WorrallMy Heart Won’t Bleed a Drop (Fort Evil Fruit)
  11. Siorai Geimhreadh – Not a Room (Fort Evil Fruit)
  12. $$$TAG$$$During The Eclipse (Opal Tapes)
  13. Steve NolanThe Dance (Spun Out of Control)
  14. BRIENachtmilch (Kitchen Leg Records)
  15. AarkticaAscension (Fnord Tapes)

Below – a snap of Hylé Tapes’ bandcamp page

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 18.53.33


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