Spool’s Out Radio #44: Mysticism+Logic+Other Myths

Another episode with a far-reaching blend of music on tape from the likes of Cong Burn Tapes, Artetetra, FALK, and the amazing DuChamp.

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  1. Country FloristLicense to Dream (Drawing Room Records)
  2. bagatelatentativa 10962
  3. Harry KnucklesHlið II – Hlustunardæmi 15-20 (FALK)
  4. K. Fenrir – Floating Amongst Giants (FALK)
  5. Jake MeginskySeven Psychotropic Sinewave Palindromes (NNA Tapes)
  6. AJ Cornell & Tim Darcy – There is a Door (NNA Tapes)
  7. Part Wild Horses Mane on Both SidesArkhe Suspends The Measure Of Land (Tombed Visions)
  8. FuteishaNo me Dejes mi Amor (Artetetra)
  9. Thousand Foot Whale ClawSun Dogs (Constellation Tatsu)
  10. Amxd – Realizables Side B (Cong Burn Tapes)
  11. Eric Chenaux – Weather The Wind (Mascarpone Discos)
  12. tomppabeats – tyttö ep, Various Excerpts (Chautauqua Records)
  13. DuChamp – E tornammo a riveder le stelle (Full Body Massage)

Below: Art for DuChamp’s excellent Nectere tape on Full Body Massage records



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