Spool’s Out Radio #46: Blood Room

Artwork above by Csenge Csató

This week it’s a guest mix of banging beats and wandering electronica by one of Seagrave’s label runners Blood Room. He’s also 50% of incredible techno duo IXTAB, who are releasing a new tapes on both Czaszka and our own Bezirk in April, so we played a track from one of those too…

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath


Pre Mix
TendenciesCandy Colored Tangerine (Orange Milk)
Trust Image – Skyline (1080p)


Blood Room’s Spool’s Out Mix
  1. TANSTaxi Radio (edit) (Seagrave)
  2. REQCrack (Skint)
  3. TANSTaxi Radio (edit) (Seagrave)
  4. Ko-Wreck TechniqueBehavior (Chocolate Industries)
  5. PhonosycographDiskTayoe The Dealer (Bomb)
  6. Joane SkylerMm (Ceramics)
  7. DJ T-KutBreak 101 bpm
  8. Dagir DuXxulu (Seagrave)
  9. DabryeMachines Pt. 1 (edit) (Ghostly International)
  10. Blood RoomEBER MalASh (unreleased)
  11. Severed HeadsViolins (Sevcom)
  12. Severed HeadsTiny Fingers (Sevcom)
  13. Company FlowShadows Drown (Rawkus)
  14. BroshudaAMA (Videogamemusic)
  15. REQMbira Classic (Skint)
  16. Joane SkylerBasel (Ceramics)
  17. ZulutronicSodotronic (edit) (Pharma)
  18. Clock DVAThe Connection Machine (Interfisch Records)
  19. Porter RicksPolytoxic 1 (Force Inc. Music Works)
  20. Company Flow# Nine (Rawkus)
  21. Hieroglyphic BeingConversation In A Analog Dialect (Klang Elektronic)
  22. LukidSpitting Bile (Glum)
  23. PhonosycographDiskThinking Room Sculpture (Bomb)
  24. Push Button ObjectsThe Hamocks (Skam)
  25. Graham DunningMonogon (Seagrave)
  26. AutechreNewbound (Warp)

Post mix premiere
IXTABNever There (Bezirk)



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