Spool’s Out Radio #48: TALsounds

For episode 48 or Spool’s Out it’s an exclusive session recorded in Chicago just for us by the mighty TALsounds. The solo project of Natalie Chami from Good Willsmith, TALSounds put out one of our favourite tapes of 2015, littering improvised synthesizer soundscapes with beautiful melodies and Chami’s haunting vocals.

We also found some time to spin some primitive guitar from Geographic North, ritual ambience from A Year in the County and Yerevan Tapes, Hungarian industrial techno, and some clavichord experimentation…

visit // talsounds.com
email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath
  1. Új Bála – I Break Horses (Baba Vanga)
  2. Arbre du Ténéré – Nuda è la Via (Yerevan Tapes)
  3. A Year in the Country – To Be Sheltered
  4. EartheaterWetware (Hausu Mountain)
  5. TALSounds Spool’s Out Live Session (rec March 2016)
  6. Danny Clay & Mabel KwanBuild 9 (Parlour Tapes+)
  7. Danny Paul Grody – On Leaving (Geographic North)

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