Spool’s Out Radio #51: Noel Meek

This week, we host a guest mix from noise artist and head of NZ-based label End of the Alphabet, Noel Meek. The mix is titled: “La Monte Young Was Our Greatest Prime Minister”: A Mixtape For My Brother’s Kids

Noel is currently on tour in Europe, see his upcoming dates here!

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath

  1. Chris WatsonRed Deer Stag Roar Forest Edge, Glen Affric, Scotland (Touch Music)
  2. Ecstasy Trio x3Nails (III Records)
  3. Otis RushMy Love Will Never Die (Fuel 2000)
  4. Sun ArawCurtis (Sun Ark Records)
  5. Girija DeviTappa (Moment Records)
  6. HarmoniaDino (Brain)
  7. Robert WyattBe Serious (Domino Records)
  8. KrausDear Giulietta (Ultra Eczema)
  9. Troupe MajidiKhlili (Lemchaheb) (Sublime Frequencies)
  10. Catherine Crister HennixThe Electric Harpsichord (Die Schachtel)
  11. Dillard ChandlerI Wish My Baby Was Born (Smithsonian Folkways)
  12. Antony MiltonBattery Pack (End of the Alphabet Records)
  13. ImbogodomSoaked Into Walls (Thrill Jockey)
  14. Richard DawsonWooden Bag (Box Records)
  15. Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of BreathMRA (RCA)
  16. Orchestra of Spheres – Mind Over Might (Fire Records)
  17. Ojo SembronoSide A, excerpt (Petites Planetes)
  18. Geeshie Wiley – Last Kind Words Blues (Revenant)
  19. Astral Social Club[untitled] (VHF)
  20. Ensemble OrganumResonet Nostra Domino Catavera (Ambroisie)

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