Spool’s Out Radio #53: After The Flood

Another week of distant sonic exploration, freeform squall, imagined giallo scores, and Kiwi gameboy grooves. All released on glorious cassette tape.

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath

  1. TAB – Track and Betting (End of the Alphabet)
  2. Gregg Skloff – Beneath the Glacial Enclosure (Eiderdown)
  3. The Shouts from the SeaUntitled (Eiderdown)
  4. Skin Lies – English Breakfast (FM Dust)
  5. Stefano LeprotoAfter the Flood (Concrete Tapes)
  6. The Nag’s HeadThe Unanswered (Kit Records)
  7. Pay the RentKnaut / Lower Down (White Reeves Productions)
  8. SuncatPRMDPWR (22 Degrees)
  9. Wingéd Ma’at – Feather of Truth (Bloxham Tapes)
  10. Laurie TompkinsHeat (Slip)
  11. JD Twitch ‎– Far Away Chants, Side A excerpt (On-U Sound)
  12. Olli Aarni – Muovia B (Preservation)
  13. Chatoyant – The Secret No More (Astral Spirits)
  14. Talugung – Folded Spring, side B excerpt (Power Moves Library)
  15. Dreamboat – Piece 1
  16. Bugaev Sonm VIII (Klammklang)
  17. Preston Field Audio – Songs for Transport (Concrete Tapes)

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