Spool’s Out Radio #55: Here Come Dragons

Includes the mysterious world of German Army, some cosmic free jazz from Tombed Visions, a few homemade tape loops, sonic experimentalism from Chicago – it’s only another week of the world’s best music on tape!

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath


  1. German ArmySubiumeker (Metaphysical Circuits)
  2. René Aquarius / John Dikeman / Dirk Serries – Night Realms (Tombed Visions)
  3. Dokutoramo – Look Behind You (Black Ship)
  4. Flower OrgyA Burning Log (Never Anything)
  5. UMFANG – Calling (Phinery)
  6. Jeremy Young & Shinya SugimotoMovement 1 (Phinery)
  7. Stuart Chalmers – Pop Plunder 32 (Beartown Records)
  8. German ArmyBribery (Summer Isle)
  9. Ryan Ingebritsen – A River Runs Through Him (Parlour+ Tapes)
  10. Paperbark – Just Forget You Saw It (Black Box Tapes)
  11. German ArmyTa’amireh (Sacred Phrases)
  12. Dreyt NienIci Sont Des Dragons (Err Rec)

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