Spool’s Out Radio #56: Skin Lies

This week we’ve got an exclusive live session recorded in Portland, Oregon last week by Skin Lies, aka Dustin of FM DUST. There’s also time for some new and upcoming tapes by Illuminated Paths, Greg Fox & Ryan Soper, Memorials of Distinction, Woven Skull, and videogamemusic plus even MORE!

Skin Lies on recording their live session:

“The title of the piece (decided after the fact) is Roughly Equidistant. It was recorded in my garage on May 15, 2016, on a rainy and grey afternoon in Northeast Portland, Oregon, USA. There was a small audience of good friends in attendance for the session, to make it feel more like it was “live” (most Skin Lies music is improvised and recorded live, anyway). The recording is a combination of a direct line recording, a close-miked amp, and a portable recorder operated by my partner Micah Vanderhoof (who also took photos during the session).”
email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath


  1. Fox/Soper Duo –  (NNA Tapes)
  2. Nik Viola – Lisianthus (Illuminated Paths)
  3. Pregnant Matt (Your Song) (Them There Records)
  4. I Know I’m An Alien – Being At Work = Being At School
  5. p u r e 使い捨てステレオ – Commercial Break (Illuminated Paths)
  6. Live Session: Skin Lies – Roughly Equidistant (Recorded 15th May 2016)
  7. Anxiety Support Group – Ur Life On Teletext (videogamemusic)
  8. unhappybirthday – Juma (Night People)
  9. Woven Skull – The Forest of Everything, excerpt (Cruel Nature)
  10. Culte – Doused 666 (Memorials of Distinction)
  11. Grozny Penthouse – Dreadbread (Muza Muza)
  12. San Kazakgascar – Sour Creek (Lather Records)

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