Spool’s Out Radio #57: Them There Records

Them There Records is a record label founded in NW England in March 2016, releasing noises made by humans using computers that were made by humans. Plus pop oddities. Plus lofi trips. To date they’ve put out a sampler tape, and a cassette EP by Californian producer Pregnant. Today they’ve built us Spools Megamix to let us know what they’re all about.

Opening Jams:

  1. Otherchannels – Unex – Them There Records
  2. Outpost – Tell The People – Them There Records
  3. tomppabeatsdarling – Chautauqua Records


Them There Spools Megamix 2000:

  1. DJ Crackle & DJ SkipBeach Clouds – Ono
  2. Jacob Samuel – NextHype 2015 – Unreleased
  3. LzuSobre Livros e Tsurus Com Ela (w/ Isaac Suh)Haju Tapes
  4. BorealismAfternoon – Self Released
  5. Lee BannonArtificial StasisNinja Tune
  6. KleinMake It Rain – Self Released
  7. Ras GShiroFaceKillahStones Throw
  8. S.MARHARBAM/L/M/H – Self Released
  9. AHH!Frazing – Self Released
  10. SemyaButterfly In The SkyLeaving Records
  11. GrouphumsPetrichor – Health
  12. Sheers – Take Your Time –  Unreleased
  13. Eugene The OceanographerBrothers and Sisters (W/ NTsKi)Maybles Lables
  14. Paddy SteerLament – Self Released
  15. Sam & The PlantsHenbane Beer – Twisted Nerve
  16. Schaus – GalileosongThem There Records

Closing Jams:

  1. tomppabeatsdarling – Chautauqua Records
  2. Pregnant – Made in China, excerpt – Them There Records
  3. Kalou – Invitation To Love (Rose Edit) – Self Released

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