Spool’s Out Radio #63: Cascading Vistas

A slew of brilliant new tape releases on this week’s show. Includes tape manipulations from Stuart Chalmers and Amulets, improvised avant-pop from Yeah You, Hausu Mountain’s usual weirdness, a brand new track from Budapest’s amazing Norwell – plus EVEN MORE (omg)

[The trio of Canadian weirdos picture up above are Fousek/Hansen/Tellier-Craig at Mutek 2016, pic stolen from here]

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath


  1. Yeah YouShabit (Good Food)
  2. AmuletsA Funeral By The Sea (Spring Break Tapes)
  3. Fousek/Hansen/Tellier-CraigIII (Spring Break Tapes)
  4. PregnantOars Reject Her Thesis (Hairy Spider Legs)
  5. Pierre-Luc SimonApparition (Small Scale Music)
  6. Stuart ChalmersCascade (Was ist Das?)
  7. Stuart ChalmersVista (Invisible City)
  8. Tiger VIllagePoor Richard, Agnes Irwin (Hausu Mountain)
  9. IsabellaVariable (Embalming Lately)
  10. Takahiro Mukai#190 (Fort Evil Fruit)
  11. NorwellRandom Rider

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