Spool’s Out Radio #65: Bandcloud Returns!!

Aidan Hanratty‘s Bandcloud is a weekly mailout, new podcast, and general hub for music blasted through the prisms of Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Bandcloud made one of our first guest appearances over a year ago in June 2015 – so it’s great to have Aidan back. Happy anniversary!

visit // Bandcloud
email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath

Arianne Churchman – Midsummer Ley Line Hotline (Folklore Tapes)
Dillon/Wendel – Untitled (Ominira)
NPLGNN – Untitled 05 (Reel Torque)
Best Available Technology – Mossberg (Working Nights)
D.Hansen – Speak in a low voice which is difficult to hear Side B (Where To Now?)
H Takahashi – Tropical Sea (Entertainment Systems)
Helena Celle – Streaming Music for Biometrics (Night School)
Sias – Banshee (Farbwechsel)
Machine Woman – If Actress Was An Actress (Sacred Tapes)
SidiRum – Romaniuk (Was Ist Das?/Pakapi Records)
December – Mirror 3 (Where To Now?)
William Selman – Horaijima (Digitalis)
Cara Stacey – Oscillations (Kit)
The Nag’s Head – Petrichor (Kit)
Beachers – Pretend 2 (J&C Tapes)
Graham Dowdall – Home Service (The Tapeworm)
Blanck Mass – Chernobyl (Rook Films)


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