Spool’s Out Radio #68: Valley of the Sun

Hypnotist? Mystic? Conman? Whatever you think of him, Dick Sutphen founded new age publishing house Valley of the Sun in mid 70s America, and went on to release dozens of tapes of blissful music to an extensive mailing list of subscribers. On today’s show we host a secular blend of music from the Valley of the Sun‘s sprawling catalogue of synths, winds, third eye vibes, and astral projections.

Note: for the full story, read Britt Brown’s incredible telling of the Valley of the Sun story in The Wire Magazine 389
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  1. Celestial Odysseys – Galactic Odyssey: Progressive New Age Music, Side A
  2. Dick Sutphen – Soulmates, Side C
  3. Inner Vistas – Inner Vistas
  4. Dick Sutphen – Soulmates Side A
  5. Robert Slap – In The Caverns of Your Mind Side A
  6. Robert Slap – East of West, Untitled Track 6
  7. David Naegele – Neptune Fantasy
  8. Dick Sutphen – Standard Self-Hypnosis Tape
  9. Karl Schaffner – Nijananda
  10. Upper Astral – Upper Astral
  11. David Storrs – Manifestation of the Pyramids, Side B
  12. Dick Sutphen – Expansion of Psychic Abilities
  13. David Naegele – Temple In The Forest
  14. Robert Slap – East of West, Untitled Track 3

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