Spool’s Out Radio #69: czaszka (rec.)

This week featuring an introductory mix from Edinburgh-based tape label, czaszka (rec.)

” The basic idea was to use tracks of each artists we released so far (excerpt M/M whose tracks are very long). There is one track from upcoming tape (African Ghost Valley – out September) and one remix specially made for Spool’s Out (Micromelancolié remixing Somnoroase Păsărele). I added also some of my manipulated field recordings – basically recorded from my window – to give it some context. Edinburgh, Summer MMXVI. Recorded and mixed sitting on the windowsill with wide open window, listening music and a seagulls 🙂 ” – Michał / czaszka

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath


  1. Brahmen RaagSide A (Hare Akedod)
  2. Deathcount in Silicon ValleyVessels Burst, Body Ignites, Eyes Turn White (Extreme Ultimate)

czaszka playliszt:

  1. seagulls over Leith
  2. African Ghost ValleyAVANT (forthcoming)
  3. seagulls trash hunting
  4. MicromelancoliéHades Falls part 1
  5. IXTABArkon
  6. BeachersCares
  7. Bouchons d’OreillesThe Errant One
  8. you can’t park here, sir


  2. Hugh MossPerfect Proof (Average Negative)
  3. CumquatFree Market Pangloss

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