Spool’s Out Radio #70: Rum Music

Russell Cuzner is a music writer who – like this show – currently runs a monthly reviews column over at The Quietus. In this case however, the aim of the column is to divulge the  very best in Rum Music. What is Rum Music? Micro-released noisy things? Extreme music of all kind? Editions Mego? Astral Social Club? Try all of the above…

Here Cuzner provides us with a tape-only rum music mix, lasting a total of  “45 minutes exactly (to fill one one side of a C90)”. Includes some Shampoo Boy, some Nurse With Wound, plus plenty more. Read through the full backlog of incredible Rum Music columns via here

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Opening Music

Áine O’DwyerAlter Boy (forthcoming on Fort Evil Fruit)

Rum Music Playlist

00:00-00:26 Intro (includes an excerpt from Music of the Spheres – Johanna Beyer / 1938)

00:01-07:49 Bardo Mahâkâla (Crossing Over to Bardo) (excerpt) – AHRKH (from Meditations on Mahâkâla / Sacred Tapes 2016)

06:31-11:31 Live at N.K. – April 15th, 2015 (excerpt) – Shampoo Boy (from Harzer Ecke Elsen / Blackest Ever Black 2016)

11:53-15:36 Carrier I (excerpt) – Adam Asnan (from Carriers, PA / mappa 2016)

14:50-21:02 Some Trees Part One – Andrew Chalk, Hanna Chetwin, Francis Plagne (from Split / Nice Music 2016)

21:01-26:31 Repellent Music (excerpt) – Neil Campbell (from Repellent Music / self-released 2016)

26:07-33:03 Yon Assassin is My Equal (excerpt) – Nurse With Wound (from The Surveillance Lounge / Norton North 2016)

33:03-35:24 Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::1234.. Testing – NYZ (from ALG 118B / Computer Club 2016)

35:24-41:10 Morrison’s Bottle Bank Serenade (excerpt) – Worship My Panther (from This Is Scaldhouse / Was Ist Das? 2016)

40:23-44:43 Clavice – The Way To Light (from The Howling Twilight / Grimoire Cassette Cvlture 2016)

44:40-45:00 Outro ((includes an excerpt from Music of the Spheres – Johanna Beyer / 1938)

End Music

Charles Barabé – Cicatrices, side B (Never Anything Records)


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