Spool's Out

Spool’s Out Radio #71: R. Schwarz


Robert Schwarz is an architect and experimental sound artist from Austria, creating beguilingly strange drones and musique concrète using a variety of methods. His latest release, Wind 1-3, is due out now on Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. On this week’s show, we hear a live session with Schwarz recorded at the reopening of Baba Vasa, an art space in the coastal town of Shabla, Bulgaria in 2016.

Also including new tracks from Glot, Jay Glass Dubs, a charity release on Herhalen tapes, and more…

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  1. Le Fonte SonNordenA Giant Fern
  2. DraaierAll The Men Were DrownedHerhalen
  3. GlotWe Never KnewVideogamemusic
  4. LustanaStrawberryNever Anything Records
  5. Letters of UtrechtSun JawStill Heat Recordings
  6. R. Schwarz – Live at Baba Vasa in Shabla, Bulgaria, 2016
  7. Jay Glass DubsLate DubSeagrave
  8. Sun HammerPhM2dFull Spectrum Records