My Female Tape Artists Twitterstorm (The Good Kind)

(featured image – Daphne Oram performing live back in the day)

So dear listeners, as I was perusing my incoming cassette tapes pile, I noticed I hadn’t a single plastic cassette that hadn’t been made by a chap/dude/bro. It’s not the ideal situation to have to do so, but I took to twitter to see if the social media hive mind could quickly solve my tape-based inequality problems, and tweeted the below:

I was far from disappointed by the resultant wave of recommendations, so thought I’d quickly chuck a load of the recommended artists and released I received into this very blog post…

Richard Hopkins of Feral Tapes jumped right in to tell me:

Here’s some music from the Maurice’s Death Hotel side of a split tape out on Feral Tapes .

The wonderful blog, Femanatronic (focusing on electronic music made by females) also jumped in…

Quickly yielding these two recommendations:



The nice folks at Fox Food Records also suggested that I…

Which I did, and was very happy to find some incredible dreamy (and unpredictable) bedroom pop.

Slovakian tape label Z Tapes recommended themselves, and rightly so. Here below is a new compilation they’re putting out featuring only female artists. All proceeds go to a charity called Esther running a shelter for survivors of domestic abuse and children without proper home in a small town called Hlohovec.


Chicago trio Good Willsmith chimed in, to let us know that Natalie Chami aka TALsounds has a new album out soon…

So for now here’s one of her old ones:

One of the UK’s finest tape labels Blue Tapes reminded us that they have a new tape out very soon from the Wild Anima (a vocals-based project by Alex Alexopolous)

So here’s that:

And one of our many Canadian friends, synthesis maestro Karl Fousek reminded us about the relentless Ylang Ylang:

Another close digital buddy of ours, Phong Tran of The Shouts from the Sea, recommended theses ones out on Auckland-based Dubbed Tapes:

One of the Auckland-based artists themselves chimed in too:

Here’s a place to hear that album, the instrument list of which includes “sewing machine, dryer, blender, washing machine, bathtub, dishwasher, toilet, cocktail shaker, ice cubes, booze, chopping board, knife, celery, and skull” (!!!!)

The list goes on…

London band The Leaf Library sent this one over:

So here’s something by Deerful – the project of London’s Emma Winston (fans of Grumbling Fur’s jollier moments may enjoy this one)

Also, Cyril M – French guitarist with heavy psych band Noyades – recommended this stellar experimental textural stuff by Parisian artist Discombobulatrix

Anyway, just my small attempt to try and make some of this massive list more readable. Order some of the tapes, support the artists, etc. etc. – And email me at if you want to get in touch about anything.

The thread is still active too !


2 thoughts on “My Female Tape Artists Twitterstorm (The Good Kind)

  1. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    Over in Twitterland there’s been a conversation about the perceived lack of women artists on Tape releases from all genres. This developed into a good healthy discussion and suggestions, which resulted in this article.
    Check out the links and discover some great new artists and Tape distributors too.
    Many thanks to Spools Out for posting the question in the first place. The resulting answers have been positive : )


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