Spool’s Out Radio #73: A Live Tape Mix

After several weeks in a row featuring stellar contributions from guests, your host decided to deliver a straight up live tape mix all of his own construction. It was all made in one single take using two cassette players – and only the cassettes that were in his room at the time.

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath


  1. Maersk – ISO1161 (Sacred Tapes)
  2. Bodega System Compramos
  3. Laurie Tompkins & Otto Willbergripizdets (Heavy Petting)
  4. German Army – Granite Peak (Wounded Knife)
  5. Peter KrisNor’wester (Never Anything Records)
  6. Gr◯un土 + KabamixMIZUNOKUNI Side B (Bokeh Versions)
  7. The ProdigyOut of Space + The ShamenPhorever People (from Energy Rush: Level 3 compilation tape, 1993)
  8. Jay Glass Dubs – Glacial Dancehall Side B (Bokeh Versions)
  9. ate – I
  10. Monte BurrowsSilhouettes 1-5 (Wounded Knife)
  11. Pay the RentCorridor  (White Reeves Productions)
  12. Acid FountainYoung Daydreamers (Hylé Tapes)
  13. Sculpture – Side B (Digital Death Records)
  14. Voodoo Tapes – Procession ft. Sonakine (Bokeh Versions)
  15. Kib Elektra – Hairclips (Bezirk)
  16. Irene And Ellen Kossoy – Poor Ellen Smith (Death is Not The End)
  17. Unfollow – Yemen (Blue Tapes)
  18. Noel Meek – evan further – psalm of the gneiss (bunkland)
  19. Andy BirtwistleSide B (Start Here)
  20. Michael Tanner & Alison Cotton – Masts Of Rown-Tree (Reckno)
  21. Downer CanadaPart I (Power Moves Library)



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