LISTEN: New Music from Land Animal Tapes

In a first here for Spool’s Out, we’re premiering some new music out soon on Tustin, California-based label Land Animal Tapes. This label’s got a pretty broad remit, putting out some excellent lo-fi song-oriented gear – such as the recent bedroom pop masterpiece from High Sunn – alongside some longer form noise and drone music.

Land Animal Tapes are soon releasing the second and third in a series of splits and collaborations “inspired by the biological concepts of hybrid vigor and the heterozygote advantage” titled Heteroticisms. This follows on from Volume 1 which came out in march featuring moody beats and drones from TüTH (side project of bassist Damon Carruesco from Chicago band Disappears), and Heinali (Ukrainian artist Oleg Shpudeiko).
First up Volume 2 pairs sprawling Locrian side-project Elomea with the mighty drones of 破地獄 Scattered Purgatory from Taipei, Taiwan. Much like legendary Japanese fluxus composer Takehisa Kosugi before them, Scattered Purgatory have shifted from the meditative acoustic drone of the Taj Mahal Travellers in favour of the ground synthesis and psychedelic sci-fi of Catch Wave. Stream the entire side of the tape dedicated to the “Taiwanese drone warlords turned ritual kosmische techno DJs” below, and pre-order the tape here.


Alongside a B-side of twisted synth tones from Oomny Mozg is the epic soundscape by Oslo-based composer/sound artist Anders Brørby. Also a founding member progressive/psych band Radiant Frequency, Brørby has moved steadily away from the rock scene in recent years. Recent soundtrack work and solo material have stripped away the last elements of traditional songwriting, focusing instead on atmospheric, ambient experimentations of pure sound. His latest album was the critically acclaimed Nihil, released on Gizeh Records earlier this year. “Music for Imaginary Scenarios” is a continuation of this musical approach, created via improvisation and abstract work with computer, field recordings and processed guitar. Stream “Music for Imaginary Scenarios” below, and order the tape here.



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