WATCH: Animated Video for East of the Valley Blues

In an unexpected boon for those dusty vinyl players sitting atop our tape decks, the stunningly beautiful debut tape release by East of the Valley Blues is getting pressed to wax (and again to tape) by London’s Death Is Not The End under the title EOTVB.

East of the Valley Blues is the acoustic guitar duo of Patrick and Kevin Cahill, brothers from Toronto, Ontario. They’ve previously released trippier music blending electric guitars and harmonicas into the mix via Kevin’s own stellar Power Moves Label under the name Cahill Locksmith, but East of the Valley Blues is a pure and simple acoustic guitar duo – yet still unlike anything you’ve heard before. The brothers freely intermingle strands of campfire twang in an utterly spellbinding act of clairvoyance. The music is surprisingly well placed on the London label – which has to date only released archival recordings of gospel and devotional music from North America made back in the 20th century. It taps into an underlying spiritual connection between the brothers Cahill and their guitars, bringing to mind the likes of Bert Jansch & John Renbourn, or Loren Connors & Jim O’Rourke (albeit on a camping trip in the Canadian outback).

In celebration of the release, NYC-based visual artist Dane Patterson has put together a gently animated video of colourful images featuring acoustic guitars for the track AIOS from the album viewable here on Youtube (or higher up on this very page)

Pre-order the EOTVB LP and/or tape repress at


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