Spool’s Out Radio #77: Some Spooks

After our first proper week off in 76 episodes, Spool’s Out is back with a week of music that flits between (vaguely) Halloween-ey darkness and ghostly light. Includes a new tune from our buddy Blood Room – if you can call it a tune – a Czech soundtrack reissue, vapor/nescore, Taiwanese drone, Canadian jaw harp noise, Polish decayscapes, plus plenty more…

email // spoolsoutradio@gmail.com
tweet // @Tristan_Bath


  1. Blood RoomChondrite-like Mineral From The Black Mat (Mixed Up)
  2. Poirier Marshall PartnersALTITUDE 1 (feat. Devon Loch) (Kit Records)
  3. Wrong Dialsżycie smutne też jest wesołe A2 (Dym Records)
  4. The AsistentAnja & the Memory People – Opening Titles (Horror Pop Sounds)
  5. chik whiteself
  6. LilySelf Help (No Corner)
  7. tuuunStilinitili (FLUF)
  8. EquipAscending s k y w a r d (Dream Catalogue)
  9. MukqsFisherman’s Edit (Hausu Mountain)
  10. LandingHalloween 2016 (Geographic North)
  11. 破地獄 Scattered PurgatoryKua-Chhiu (Land Animal Tapes)
  12. ROWCompetitive Dub (Power Moves Library)
  13. ChannelersPraise for Life in All Its Forms (Inner Islands)



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