WATCH: Trippy New Video for Remote Feed

A new collaboration between Jon Mulville (Paperbark) and Joe Millar (Fern Lodge), Remote Feed is a project that developed across thousands of miles between Mulville’s home in Denver, Colorado and Millar’s base on Prince Edward Island. Under the inspiration of the resurgence of modular synthesis, these two love finding beauty in the inherently chaotic instruments that shapes their tunes.

The duo’s self-titled debut, out now on ((Cave)) Recordings, travels to the same forlorn decayscapes wandered by Basinski or Monte Burrows, but plants strange new lifeforms amid the haze and dust. Snippets of distant samples, shafts of synthesizer light, and even the odd submerged beat make these creaky soundscapes continually baffling to step into. Cassettes can be order via ((Cave))‘s bandcamp below:

Penultimate track ‘Look The Other Way’ has been graced with some visuals which we’re premiering below too, and the results are a perfect compliment to the creepy track. It’s a technicolor remix of some E. Elias Merhige nightmare.


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